No Man’s Lie: Reddit user disappears

A Reddit post alleging a misleading advertising campaign for new space simulator game, No Man’s Sky, has been mysteriously deleted.

The post by u/MeetWayneKerr disappeared this morning along with the user’s account and detailed expected content that was cut from the game, pairing it with video evidence of Hello Games founder Sean Murray promoting the cut content.

u/MeetWayneKerr alleged that these promotional pieces were being released as recently as last month, arguing that the developer and publisher must have been aware that the advertisement was not representative of the final product.

Many of the videos that were pointed to as evidence are still being used as promotional material today on the games YouTube and Steam pages.

u/MeetWayneKerr also offered his own opinion on the game’s current state and offered speculation on the causes of No Man’s Sky’s missing content.

No Man’s Sky faced damning criticism following its release for alleged false advertising and a severe lack of content that many users didn’t think justified the $60 price tag.

Critics blamed the resulting game on an excessive advertising budget, spearheaded by Sony, coupled with the time constraints of a small studio of only 15 people.

Suspicion is mounting on Reddit, with speculation that u/MeetWayneKerr was either paid by Sony to delete his thread or that he was subject to malicious cyber attacks in response to the thread.

As of yet, the cause of deletion is unknown.

u/MeetWayneKerr‘s original thread is here and was reposted for viewing here.

No Man's Lie 2.png


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