Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 “delayed indefinitely”

The single player component of Cloud Imperium Games’ indie sci-fi blockbuster, Star Citizen, has been delayed.

Creator and owner of Cloud Imperium Games, Chris Roberts, announced the delay during the CitizenCon 2016 event, stating that, while the basics were complete, Squadron 42 has “significantly grown” from when it was first pitched in 2012.

Despite visible disappointment in the room, Roberts remained positive arguing that the reasons for the delay were morally right.

He said: “We want to do it right. It’s really important to do it right.”

Unlike most games developers nowadays, Cloud Imperium Games is not tied down by publishers and all funding for the game has come from a kickstarter project and subsequent crowdfunding.

He added: “What we’re enabled to do by you guys is to do it right. Because if we were in the typical situation with a publisher, they would say, ‘Well, no, you’ve got to make the Christmas [release] window; you’ve got to get it out. You can do some patches and the DLC and don’t worry about the people who won’t think it’s quite as polished and it’s got a bunch of bugs.'”

He continued by formally announcing the delay: “As much as we wanted to have Squadron 42 for this year, it’s not going to be this year. Because from the polish we need to do, it still needs a bit more time”, but, Roberts offered some respite, stating that a complete and polished mission would be shown off “in the near future”.

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 have long been slated as being ‘too big for their boots’ and suffering from a recent trend of eyes bigger than belly.

A recent example of this was No Mans Sky, which captured many peoples hearts and minds, but left them unsatisfied.



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