Gorgo announced for Civilzation VI

Queen Gorgo of Sparta has been announced as the first alternate leader in sixth entry of the Sid Meier’s Civilization series, due for release 21 October.

Gorgo will act as an alternative choice to Pericles when picking the Greece faction and has her own ability and agenda as well as a unique colour scheme.

Her leader ability is similar to Pericles’ in that it increases culture gains for the civilization, but Pericles achieves this peacefully, through allying with city states, while Gorgo achieves it through war.

Gorgo’s unique agenda ties in with her ability: she refuses to give up items in a peace deal and prefers who haven’t yielded in any peace deal. Picking Gorgo will still allow you to access Greece’s unique district, the Acropolis and unique unit, the Hoplite.

All of this coalesces to make a very military based civilization, the opposite of its counterpart with Pericles.

This, of course, opens the door for more alternative leaders in the future for Civilization VI, be it on release or through DLC.

Watch the reveal video here!:


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